Case Study: Creative Writing

Some rocks on a river bed

The following case study derives from a project evaluation report undertaken for phase one of the Action Learning for Living (ALL) project.

“Writing is a great form of expression and especially when it allows you to really dig deep into your emotions and connect with that side and then bring it to the surface”

“The reason I decided to go on this course was because of my interest in writing and because I have attended similar courses before and I have really enjoyed them. I thought it would be a good way to meet new people as well.

The course was delivered really well by the tutor, she was very clear in her delivery and the format was very structured right from the very start. The course was at the right level for my skills and experience overall but I also know this depends on other students in the class too and in my class there were students of varying abilities so tutor had to take them into consideration. I didn’t really have any specific personal goals when I started the course I wanted something interesting and fun to do and I know for me that is writing. However, having said that, the course has inspired me to write more in the future. Writing is a great form of expression and especially when it allows you to really dig deep into your emotions and connect with that side and then bring it to the surface, so that a reader can have in insight into those emotions if that makes sense. I feel this course has allowed me to do this, and as a result, I really want to write more because I know it will be a great help to my memory and helping me to process feelings and memories.

I felt the tutor made effective use of the time, and I don’t really feel like I have missed out on anything. The best thing about the course has been the selection of interesting topics that were covered and because of where the course was located which was an exhibition this meant that we could often go in early and look around there before the class which also helped make the whole learning experience very enjoyable. In terms of what could be improved I would say that the attendance on the course could be better as we didn’t always have a great turn out and this I know in the past with the WEA has meant that courses can be shut down. We were lucky that we could run with low numbers on this course but it’s something that definitely needs to be improved. I don’t think there have been any cascading benefits of the learning to my family or friends, it’s the kind of subject area that you can’t really have a discussion about or debate about. I think moving forward the courses should be advertised more widely, the only reason why I attended this course was because the tutor had emailed me about it, I think it was a great course and WEA should really make more effort with advertising it so we can get more people attending it. “


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