Case Study: Art

The following case study derives from a project evaluation report undertaken for phase one of the Action Learning for Living (ALL) project.

“I find art quite calming and I can just go into my own world and switch off from the world…”

“I decided to go on this course because I am generally interested in art. I have been doing courses with the WEA for about 5 years now and most of them are art courses.

There wasn’t enough information about this course and I think the publicity for the course wasn’t that great and I definitely think that it could be improved. I don’t think I would know about the course if I wasn’t already linked with the WEA.

Anyway when I found out about this course it sounded interesting so I joined. I think the teacher did a good job with the course and I really enjoyed everything that was covered. I sometimes felt that some things could have been more challenging but I think the teacher was trying to make sure that everyone could participate and keep up. Even though we were a small group we all had different needs.

The best thing for me on the course was the venue where the course took place which I found to be a creative outlet and had all the materials and resources that we would need. I find art quite calming and I can just go into my own world and switch off from the world. This course was great and I think it helped me switch off from everyday stress and anxiety. I just wish it was longer. I have enjoyed what I have done on the course and some of the learning I am going to use for my every day art stuff that I do.

I am doing another art course with the WEA as I have really enjoyed this one and I have found it good for my health as well.”


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