What A Discovering Me Session Is Like

Before a research volunteer can choose a course (All project course list) they will need to make an appointment for a Discovering Me session.  It is here that the beginnings of the the project research happen. Here is how one person found the experience.

“Prior to attending the initial consultation to determine my suitability for the ALL project, I was a little apprehensive, however, any early fears were swiftly set to rest in what can only be described as a relaxed and welcoming discussion.

The meeting was highly participatory and inclusive and I was given the opportunity to share my rationale for enrolling on the course and to reflect on my desired learning outcomes. The research team also allayed any initial concerns I had about my suitability for the course, clearly outlining the course framework, how the course would be delivered, the value of my input and the importance that my participation would play in the project.

After being briefed, I was asked to complete a well-structured and simple introductory questionnaire and subsequent feedback forms to enable me to keep track of the research. This was not only a valid tool for the research team to collate hard data for the benefit of future educational projects, but had the added benefit of enabling me to establish that the topics that I wished to be covered were going to be fully explored during the course.

The process was informal and enjoyable and I am very much looking forward to making a valid contribution to the project and the future well being of myself and others through the transformational benefits of education.”



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