A Day In The Life

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Since April 2015, people all around the country have been taking short adult education courses to see if it helps them develop strategies to manage things like having trouble sleeping, stress, worry, feeling low, finding it difficult to leave the house, as part of a national research project. Our research volunteers have been incredibly generous with their  time and information. The staff have been great too. As a result, we’ve reached an amazing 18,000 people so far.

This bit of the research ends in July 2017. In the next stage, Ipsos MORI, who are the independent external evaluators for the research, will analyse the data and then present the findings to the Department for Education at the end of 2017.

If you have been involved, as a learner or member of staff or both, will you please help us do one more thing, tell us:

  1. How  your day has been on 21 June 2017? and 
  2. How your mental health is on that day?

You can write, speak, perform or create something with your hands, and take a photo or video it. It’s fine to submit film in BSL if that’s your first language (we’ll add subtitles and tag it). Then post (upload) it to this website using the link below.

You’ll be completely anonymous. The only thing we ask you to tell us about you is if you’ve been involved in the research project as a learner, or a member of staff, or both.

A Day in the Life… isn’t scientific research  but we think that the simple act of asking people learners and staff what they think and what they experience will for the first time provide a snapshot into the lives, and mental health and wellbeing of those of us learning and working in adult education in England on a single day.

Why the 21st June 2017?

We picked Wednesday 21 June 2017 as the day, because it is when the most people possible will have been involved in the DfE research project. For this to work, we need everyone to share what their day is like on the same day, 21 June 2017, but you can upload your contribution anytime between 6am on 21 June 2017 and 11pm on 28 June 2017.

Who’s behind this?

DfE has asked Mark OneinFour at Social Spider and the Mental Health Foundation to read/view all the contributions and organise them in themes to make it easy for people to see them on this website.  Social Spider carried out something similar over a whole year which you can see at:  A Day in the Life Mental Health.

Post your entry here


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